When Creatives Collide the Fun Begins!

The Creative Space is the joining of two people – Tom and Sarah. This husband and wife team may come from varied backgrounds but they share a love for new ideas, words and images!

Both Tom and Sarah started life creating and continued to create during their separate career paths. Now they are concentrating on their own creative output!

Sarah Holden

Sarah – Retired Public Servant, writer, documentary photographer covering boxing, fashion and everyday life (especially if it involves cats and horses).

Sarah has been a creative all of her life and from an early stage had success with her images and words.

Cameras used – Leica Q and Canon 5D Mk4

Sarah is lead photographer and content manager for all output. Sarah also provides Adobe Lightroom expertise in order to post-edit all images.

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Tom Holden

Tom – Retired Royal Air Force Officer, author, artist, documentary photography covering boxing, fashion and everyday life. Working on the interpretation of his images in a ‘cyanotype’ format.

Cameras used – Canon 7D and 5D Mk3

Tom has published poetry, articles and images to his name. He published ‘Training Needs Analysis in a Week’ (Hodder and Stoughton, 2003) selling 4000 copies¬†worldwide.

Tom provides Photoshop expertise developing social-media ready content from images provided by them both and for output under the titles of Sarah Hopkins Photography and Through The Ropes.

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Sarah and Tom’s boxing images can be seen in a permanent installation for the ceiling of St Joseph’s Gym in Newport.¬† Both are presently working on an exhibition of boxing images whilst continuing to document the day-to-day life that surrounds them both.

Together Tom and Sarah publish Through The Ropes – a magazine designed to showcase their own boxing images. They both believe that images can tell a story, which is why there are not many words in a Through The Ropes magazine.

Sharing their interest in images and words along with a shared interest in boxing, fashion and the documentation of life in general means Tom and Sarah truly share a creative space!