PR for Fighters

Boxers need sponsors and sponsors need to see a return from their sponsorship!

Thanks to CleanBite, Gavin Gwynne and Phil Whaley for the use of this example.

Combine the images of Tom and Sarah Holden with your sponsor’s logo and – on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) – you have a more powerful way of:

  • Promoting your next fight and showing the support you get from your sponsor;
  • Celebrating your last win with your sponsor;
  • Thanking your sponsor by giving them a social media tool for their promotion or even a copy of Through The Ropes for them to proudly display!

A picture speaks a thousand words and has a greater chance of your social media being remembered for longer.

Our social media packages provide you with ready-for-web images layered with your sponsor’s logo. They give you something to offer a prospective sponsor when you ask for their sponsorship and they allow you to:

  • Bronze – Promote the special relationship between you and your sponsor on the run-up to a fight.
  • Silver – Celebrate your win together with your sponsor.
  • Gold – Say thank you to your sponsor.
  • Platinum – Combines all three into one package to say a really big thank you!

If you have more than one sponsor then contact us to get discounted rates!